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Spotkanie kwietniowe - Performance Testing RESTful Microservices

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Zielona Góra JUG is pleasure to invite all community members for a next monthly tech-talk, which will take place 27th of April, starting at 18:30 as usually in a local pub Haust. Meeting and special guest from UK branch is organized with the support of MetaPack company.

Haitao Dan (MetaPack UK) - Performance Testing RESTful Microservices — A learning journey about performance testing will cover:

  • Why is performance test more important for Microservices architecture? Motivations of performance testing (some considerations on this topic).

  • The typical first journey. Talking about team Dodo’s performance testing and tuning for Newlook. Denial -> Illusion -> Reality -> Dream

  • Automating performance testing. Using Gatling, Jenkins for load testing (measuring response time) and Load Detector for stress testing (capacity).

  • An improved journey. Talking about the performance testing for H&M. Measuring SLA, trending, performance breakdown and testing Google geocoding.

  • Conclusions and future works. Talking about lessons learnt and the ideal scenario.

As usually at the end there are communities announcements + raffle of Jetbrains licenses and Manning ebooks. Remember to enroll on meetup with a full name. Get ready !